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About Us

Our love for this part of France was kindled back in 2005 when very dear friends of ours invited us to their house in Le Bugue, in the Perigord Noir region of the Dordogne.  It became our fantasy to live here one day.


In 2017, with our only son having become self-sufficient and having fled the nest, we grabbed the opportunity to spread our own wings, fly (well, actually, drive - in a transit van!) off to France and start a new life, doing something completely different.  Having both been self-employed in the UK for 20 years or so, Gail as a bookkeeper for a variety of small businesses and John in the exhibition industry, setting out on our own was not quite so terrifying as it might have been and we have both been able to use our different skills to make this new venture work - John with his practical expertise to achieve a high-standard renovation and Gail’s administration and financial capabilities.


In 2019 we enjoyed welcoming our first guests to ‘The Granary’.  This is a completely new direction for us but so far everyone has been very complimentary about the property, has enjoyed their visit and said they would like to come back!  

Well, 2020 was certainly not what everyone was expecting but we were eventually able to complete 'The Walnut Tree' gite and welcome our first guests over the winter.  


If you have any questions or requests about a holiday at Les Chouettes, please just send as an email!


We look forward to meeting you!

Gail & John

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